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We invest heavily in the newest technologies to keep you healthy!

Health ScreeningHealth Screening:

It is our goal to keep you healthy. We can check you out for potentially serious diseases and prevent them from seriously affecting your health. Such diseases as diabetes, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, colon cancer and breast cancer.

In-House Lab Testing:

After leaving the doctor’s office, the last thing that you want to do is have to go over to the hospital to get your lab tests done. We offer in-house blood drawing services between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. for participating insurance plans.

Drug Interaction Checking:

Our computer checks for drug interactions at the moment your doctor writes your prescription.

View Your Lab Results Online/ Patient PortalView Your Lab Results Online/ Patient Portal:

With a membership to our patient portal, you may see your lab results, check your medical history for completeness , and review current medications on-line. Having 24 hour access to your own patient information may save you an office visit!

Lung Testing:

Are you short of breath? It could be undiagnosed asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We can find out in this quick and easy test. If you know that you already have asthma or COPD, we can also use this test to tell how well your medicines are working.

Hearing TestingHearing Testing:

Sometimes the hearing of our loved ones can decline so slowly that they may become deaf without ever noticing it. Early diagnosis is possible with our in-office hearing testing.

Mole Removal:

Tired of those annoying, unsightly moles? Why not remove them? Our doctors are specially trained to excise most moles.

Circulation Testing:

If your feet are always cold, it could mean that you have poor circulation. We can test your circulation in a matter of minutes.

Joint Injections:

Sometimes oral pain medicines cannot penetrate joints. We can place soothing pain relieving medicine directly into the joint.

Toenail RemovalsToenail Removals:

Do you have a painful ingrown toenail? We can remove part of the nail so that it won’t hurt you again, but leave enough of the nail behind to preserve the cosmetics of your toe.


If you have a pesky wart that needs to be gone, but are afraid of needles and knives, we can apply very cold liquid to destroy the wart so that it never comes back.

Cuts and Scrapes:

If your wound needs stitches or cleaning, we can do it!

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